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"pedal forward fresno"
bike sculpture


What is
PEDAL Forward Fresno?

Please join us at the Fresno International Transportation Innovations / 2023 PEDAL Summit on October 25 at 9:30 AM to be the first in the region view the DEBUT of the PEDAL Forward Fresno's bike sculpture project. Attendees can look forward to seeing the sculpture reveal and plans on where it may be permanently installed as a monument of Fresno!


With the vision of transforming Fresno toward a more multimodal-based city, the Fresno State Transportation Institute, Fresno State Center for Creativity and the Arts, and the PEDAL 2023 Summit organizers are partnering with cycling enthusiast and professional artist Kathleen King to develop several one-of-a-kind bicycle-themed sculptures. These art pieces will serve as proof of the City of Fresno's commitment to creating a safe and user-friendly for all transportation users, and in particular, cyclists.

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About the Artist

Kathleen King

Growing up in the coastal town of Pacific Beach, Kathleen King started her current career as a public muralist in 1983. To date, the artist has designed, coordinated and executed over 75 murals for public, commercial and private spaces throughout the southwest over the past 30 years. In addition, Ms. King has developed and conducted mural making programs for advanced art students in several inner city school districts.  The artist also has created an extensive body of work on canvas including privately commissioned pieces.

In a widely diverse career, Kathleen King has worked in film, theater, television, event and media design.  Her work always has an eye and ear to the political, prescient and avant-garde with a wink and a nod for absurdity, whimsy and fun.



Kathleen's Past Work

Take a look at what the artist for the 2023 PEDAL Forward Fresno sculpture has created in the past!

Many of King’s public projects have become local landmarks or newsworthy events attracting generous media attention, some even creating positive changes in public art policy in several cities. With the extensive print and broadcast coverage over the years, the artist has gained ample experience working effectively with the press.

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