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Fresno, CA x Münster
Sister Cities

First contacts with Fresno were made in the early 1980s through the Consulate General of the Federal Republic San Francisco. In July 1986, the town twinning was officially sealed in the town hall of Münster. The original idea of promoting youth exchange through this town twinning has been maintained to this day.

The Münster - Fresno Partnership Association together with the Sister Cities Committee in Fresno take care of regular student exchanges and citizens' groups. In addition, there are contacts between the universities and encounters in the field of music and sports. Since 2015, there has been a cooperation between the 1st AFC Münster Mammuts e.V. and the Bulluard Knights - the American football team of Bullard High School in Fresno. The "Touchdown in Fresno" programme promotes the exchange of youth players and coaches.

The two city administrations maintain a close relationship. They facilitate expert exchanges and trade delegation visits in various areas of public service and regional business.

Text Source: City of Munster
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Collage: © Urban Media Project, Photo Münster: © City of Münster

Chattanooga, TN x Hamm
Sister Cities

Located in the Nord-Rein Westphalen province of Germany, Hamm is Chattanooga's first Sister City - a partnership that was forged in 1977 through a common bond of enterprise. Dupont Chemical had large facilities in both Hamm and Chattanooga that made the partnership a natural fit. Although those factories have long been closed Chattanooga and Hamm have only strengthened their relationship through cultural and student exchanges.

Hamm (häm), city, North Rhine–Westphalia, W Germany, is located on the Lippe River, in the Ruhr district. The city contains iron and steel foundries and manufactures textiles and machinery, as well as wire and cable. Founded in 1226, Hamm was the capital of the county of Mark until 1809. An active member of the Hanseatic League, it passed to Cleves in the 14th century and later (1614) to Brandenburg. The city was badly damaged in World War II, in a bombing that destroyed over half of the buildings.

Text Source: Chattanooga Sister Cities
Image Source: Wikipedia

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