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To date, the Fresno State Transportation Institute has led the hosting and organization of a regional transportation summit for transportation professionals in the Central Valley and beyond with attendees and stakeholders across the transportation industry. Today, this summit has transformed into an international gathering of transportation industry professionals committed to a common goal: advancing transportation through meaningful, impactful, and sustainable innovation.

2019 Fresno Regional Transportation Innovations Summit

The 2019 Fresno Regional Transportation Innovations Summit was a joint production of Fresno State Transportation Institute (FSTI) and Fresno Council of Governments (Fresno COG), designed to provide an opportunity for hundreds of residents, professionals and stakeholders to become familiar with the latest in advanced, clean transportation technology through an up-close and personal experience. It also brought together businesses and individuals that have invested in cleaner transportation technology, to share their successes and challenges with the community.

Four projects of the FSTI CSUTC Grant Projects were presented by their PIs at the 2019 Fresno Regional Transportation Innovations Summit on 10/23/2019. To view the reports of each project, click the reports below.

  1. "Effective Communication Message Strategy for Enhancing Traffic Safety in Fresno County: The Role of Time Horizon, Locus of Control, and Regulatory Focus" project was presented by Dr. Samer Sarofim.

  2. “A Multi-objective Optimization Model to Minimize the Gap in Accessibility to Multiuse Paths While Maximizing the Economic Efficiency of Active Transportation Investments for Fresno, California” project was presented by Dr. Chih-Hao Wang.

  3. "Securing the Emerging Autonomous and Connected Vehicles for Greater Community Livability," project was presented by Dr. Shahab Tayeb.

  4. "Youth Design the Future of Transportation for Their Community” project was presented by Dr. Christian Wandeler.

Click here to visit the 2019 Summit webpage on the Fresno State website.

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