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Interested in showcasing your company's newest products in sustainable transportation? Does your company sell e-vehicles, e-bikes, or other innovative form of transport? Do you lead a non-profit organization interested in supporting the future of transportation?


The Fresno International Transportation Innovations / PEDAL 2023 Summit offers exclusive outdoor exhibition options for companies interested in exhibiting at this year's summit!

The FITI / PEDAL 2023 Summit will be attended by local city, regional, and transportation industry professionals and stakeholders, as well as other worldwide leaders in transportation and urban diplomacy.

Exhibitor Booth Types

For any exhibitors out of town (outside the Fresno region), please contact to apply for an exhibitor fee waiver.

Large Vehicle


such as buses, semi-trucks, planes, or other large vehicles.

Regular Vehicle


such as private vehicles, vans, or other medium-sized vehicles.

Small Vehicle


such as bicycles, scooters, or other human-sized or human-powered vehicles.

Non-Profit Organization



To register, simply complete the exhibitor online application below and select the exhibitor booth type your company/organization is interested in. Once selected, the following page will direct you to the online payment form that must be completed externally. For companies interested in paying by check, please refer to the information at the bottom of the page.

Exhibitors coming from outside of the Fresno region may be eligible for an exhibitor fee waiver. Please contact to request a fee waiver and to verify if your company/organization is eligible.

Non-profits are not eligible for fee waivers.

*Exhibitor registration DOES NOT include attendance / summit registration to the conference.

Online payment can be completed by proceeding through the online application via. the above button.

Check Information

Please mail your check to:
CSUF Foundation
4910 N. Chestnut Ave
Fresno, CA 93726-185

Please make your check payable to:
'CSUF Foundation.'
Add 'CC300853' written in the memo field.

Let FSTI know about any checks made via. our email:
with the subject: "Payment by Check - (Name) - (Company Name)"

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